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Misc.Topics Last updated Mon 25 Apr 22
Various topics that did not fit other places
Useful Links Last updated Mon 05 Jul 21
This is a list of Useful Links
Humor Last updated Tue 10 Jul 12
Funny things (Mostly at Microsoft's expence) that I have spotted here and there. 
home DVR setup Last updated Fri 08 Jun 12
Jul. 31 2003
got new MSI MB with AMD 2.2Ghz CPU
installed Redhat 9.0
Linux Command line Notes Last updated Thu 03 May 12
This is a collection of useful linux notes
Mostly command line tricks, that I have stuck here 
for my own refence. 
My Blog Software Last updated Thu 03 May 12
My Blog Software
Catalina 22 Sailboats and related stuff Last updated Tue 24 Aug 10
Info and links related to my boat and boating.
Mplayer: one of the coolest apps ever Last updated Sat 03 Oct 09
Notes on Mplayer
linux on a IBM thinkpad 390x Last updated Sat 26 Jul 08
Notes on my attempts to setup My IBM thinkpad 390x with linux.

Wiki page on Thinkpads(Lots Of info) detailed specs (pdf) (Scrool down to about page 38)
Thinkpad specs Quick ref
Options for the libvga.conf file(This is a sample of a large well documented file)

Numeric error codes for the ThinkPad 600
Numeric error codes for the Thinkpad 390x
Numeric error codes for the Thinkpad 560z

Overpriced Laptop Power Adapters (substution parts list)
this is the test topic Last updated Mon 06 Aug 07
this is the test topic
My fishtank stories Last updated Sun 14 Jan 07
Notes about my fishtank and experinces with fish
My Rants Last updated Tue 03 Oct 06
This is a collection of essays or rants on various topics.
My Kyocera 7135 Last updated Sat 14 Jan 06
Kyocera 7135
nuvrec Last updated Sat 03 Dec 05
the best video capture app for linux

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