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Misc.Topics submited by Russell
Edited Sat 29 Nov 14
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Hardware Sensors submited by Russell Sat 29 Jan 05
Edited Mon 19 Dec 05
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efax to email submited by Russell Sat 29 Jan 05
Edited Fri 13 Jan 12
641 Replys:
fax2mail script (mwrsa)
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Linux User Number 374722 submited by Russell Thu 10 Feb 05
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AGP compatability submited by Russell Wed 11 May 05
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Homemade Nuclear reactor (Radioactive boyscout) submited by Russell Fri 13 May 05
Edited Thu 19 Jan 06
1 Replys:
The Homemade Amateur Nuclear Fusion Reactor (Russell)
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Banded Pigeons submited by Russell Mon 16 May 05
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Catskill Game Farm submited by Russell Tue 14 Jun 05
Edited Wed 09 Aug 06
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variations on chess submited by Russell Fri 17 Jun 05
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linux logos submited by Russell Wed 22 Jun 05
Edited Thu 23 Jun 05
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distribution of wealth on the planet by Country submited by Russell Wed 13 Jul 05
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million pixel webpages submited by Russell Tue 08 Nov 05
Edited Sun 01 Jan 06
1 Replys:
Pixel Webpages (Anonymous)
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Mpaa/Riaa info +programs submited by Russell Thu 15 Dec 05
Edited Thu 19 Feb 09
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A good explination of Intel Mhz vs. AMD submited by Russell Fri 16 Dec 05
Edited Wed 16 Aug 06
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Why do we nod our heads for "yes" and shake them for "no"? submited by Russell Fri 20 Jan 06
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Optimum Online Bandwidth Capping submited by Russell Thu 18 May 06
Edited Fri 08 Jul 11
4 Replys:
Optimum Online Bandwidth Capping (Anonymous)
atleast verizon seems to get it (Russell)
Stupid OOL (Russell)
OOL chat log (Russell)
OOL Bandwidth Cap does exist (Nino)
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Russell Versis Bathtub VIDEO submited by Russell Sun 20 Jan 08
Edited Mon 21 Jan 08
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Whitfield Pellet stove submited by Russell Mon 11 Aug 08
Edited Tue 12 Aug 08
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Social Links submited by Russell Wed 26 Nov 08
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System boot errors (hardware) submited by Russell Wed 08 Apr 09
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LVM failure and recovery submited by Russell Thu 09 Apr 09
Edited Fri 02 Oct 15
1 Replys:
Backing up system status (Russell)
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Why I hate Selinux (Could not chdir to home directory Permission denied) submited by Russell Mon 13 Apr 09
Edited Thu 19 Aug 10
2 Replys:
selinux and samba (smb.conf) (Russell)
disable selinux from the command line (Russell)
Thnx (Ren)
SELinux is of the devil (Dandapani)
(no title provided) (Anonymous)
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mailman file storage submited by Russell Thu 14 May 09
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Lucent Partner ACS manuals submited by Russell Fri 23 Oct 09
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disable demo mode Kenwood mp342u submited by Russell Tue 27 Oct 09
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stopzilla :anti spyware malware crap !! DO NOT INSTALL !! submited by Russell Thu 05 Nov 09
Edited Thu 05 Jun 14
1 Replys:
Uninstall StopZilla (Anonymous)
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Android (droid) phone notes submited by Russell Wed 20 Jan 10
Edited Fri 21 Nov 14
3 Replys:
convert video for playback on droid (Russell)
Android Applications I am using (Russell)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Notes (Russell)
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fckeditor disable short tags submited by Russell Wed 29 Sep 10
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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim update submited by Russell Tue 19 Feb 13
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widgets submited by Russell Sat 29 Nov 14
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