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(links)-> torrent Stuff and links submited by Russell Fri 04 Feb 05
Edited Tue 06 Mar 18
bitTorrent and other torrent links
Azureus, the best bittorrent client/server
Safepeer, required plugin for Azureus Alternate safepeer download page
(easiest way to install safepeer, is to use the azureus plugin wizard )

Torrent links No endorcements, just links. Most of these links are dead(3/6/18)
ISOhunt's list of other sites
http://www.vip-torrents.com/(has moved to http://www.bitenova.org)
the pirate bay (not raided 6/1/05)
bittorrent search (new site 5/05) results never useful
Orb's list of torrent servers Has a VERY FAST search engine, results sometimes good
BitmeTV.org requires login+password, (something I think reduces the health of the swarms)
NewNova (added 12/5/05) looks like a rebuild of suprnova
btseasonpass (added 12/8/05)
torrentsearcher Not so much of a search engine but rather a front end that lets you search for the same thing on many sites. ( uses frames)

Dead links:
TVtorrents( has been offline for about a week 4/12/05)
Another Huge list of torrent sites [web of knowledge] Sorted by catagory. Aparently this was orignaly posted to niteshdw

or you can always Just use google type in your query and add "filetype:torrent"

Legal Torrents
Legal Torrents
Linux Torrents
The Linux Mirror Project Browseable directorys
Fedora Core Torrents
Linux ISO Torrents Just about every version as an ISO torrent (dead 8/16/06)
Public Domain Torrents Huge collection of movies with expired so these are legal movie torrent files.
26,084 FREE Legal Public Domain Movies [archive.org] (not torrents, but a huge archive. Bandwith leaves a lot to be desired)
Large Collection of Old time Radio MP3s [radiolovers.com] Annoying flashing animated gif ads but useful. Much of the qaulity is poor ( probably off old LP recordings) this all predates Maganetic Tape Recordings.
Wikipedia free classical music downloads The list includes one of my favorites Holst Mars (files are ogg format, Mplayer can play them. )

Other Torrent links (Russell)
the socialized net distrubuted torrent search (Russell)
Torrent Plaza (Anonymous)
add torrent-site (Anonymous)

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