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(essays)-> (Parent)->Star Trek new voyages, Star Wars Fan Films submited by Russell Tue 08 Feb 05
Edited Tue 03 Oct 06
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Star trek newvoyages website
Fan episodes: Episode 2 is much better than episode 1. Watch Episode 2 first.
Episode 4x02 "In Harm's Way" DVD iso torrent Source magnet Looks like this torrent is dead. .. I don't know how the special Edition differs ( I have seen both and didn't notice a difference) so use These links:
New Voyages, Episode 4x02 "In Harm's Way" Special Edition UNOFFICIAL full DVD (re-edit,Released October, 2005) Magnet
New Voyages, Episode 4x02 "In Harm's Way" Special Edition Windows Media format (.wmv) (smaller version, get this if you don't have huge bandwidth.)magnet

current Star Trek New Voyages torrents
I am very excited about episodes 3 and 4 ( currently in production) because the writers on them are professionals with Star Trek credits.

Star Ship Exeter Another Trek Fan film site. Have not yet seen the films yet. I will have to find them in other than quick time format, because that is too opressive to install. ( unless mplayer can play them ? )

Other Fan Films
Death Star Repairman (review) source page Sadly the concept of the film is funnier than the actual film
Troops (low rez) Hires torrent The torrent file is in a high quality VCD format that does not work in my DVD player. However Mplayer has no problems with the file under linux.

Star Trek vs Star Wars fan film (Steve)

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