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(blogware)-> Spam comments submited by Russell Mon 14 Aug 06
Edited Thu 03 May 12
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Posts must be on-topic, and not full of links to viagra or porn. Any post that fails this critera gets tossed into the bit-bucket. Posting such messages waists both my time and yours, because these spam posts are NOT going to be posted in any way that a search engine's robot or any other browser are going to stumble across them.

More Restrictions:
  • Don't bother with fake complements about how nice this site is. I KNOW you are lying.
  • Don't ask me not to delete a message , so you can feed starving children. I'm deleting it, they should get jobs. (in the voice of Scrooge : "are there no prisons, no workhouses ?" )
  • And don't post before you read a single page here. We both know it's spam. don't waist my time
  • just don't waist my time.

I just had to change my posting script to essentially brake my comment linking because of excessive spam posting. The problem is that When you submit a comment weather it is "held for review" or "approved by a logged in user" the "reply count" of the parent post is always updated. well some 90% or more of the posts I have gotten recently have been spam posting so the "last modified times" are totally out of whack on all the posts that the spammers have been "replying" to. Clearly I am on somebody's list of "blogs that accept anonymous posts" . But the idiots doing this haven't paid much attention. I don't blindly accept the posts.

Breath in ... Breath out ... Ahhhhh ....

Looks Like I got it. Several spam postings were attempted in the past few days. These had no effect on my "last modified" times. The "attemted spam" postings probably haven't changed, but the number that I have to deal with clearly has.

I would detail just what I did to cut down on the problem, but then that would be telling them what to do to workaround it, so If you want to know, drop me a line.
June 11,2007
Sadly the fix I did above may have reduced the traffic, but it didn't end it. With a steady increase in spam posts that I have to select and delete, I had to do something. So today I have added captchas to the posting process. Users must type the text shown in an image to have their post even considered for posting. I hate having to do it. But the spammers left me no choice.

Hopefully this will put an end to most of the spam. And those that do spam me will be forced to submit a message that corresponds with my feelings on spam ;-)
June 13,2007
I really am shocked. I expected that adding the captcha requirement would Cut down on the spam posts, I didn't expect what happened:

They have Totaly stopped.

I had believed that some of the posts were by robots that couldn't read text from an image, but I expected that some of the posts were from actual humans that would properly read the captcha text and submit the post anyway. Much to my suprise, I have had over 100 spam posts attempts (in about 2 days) and None of them entered valid captcha text. I can't beleive how well that worked. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner.
Spammer edits ??
So a spammer edited a couple of my posts. Not sure how. Probably lax security on my part. I'm considering an upgrade that would make it a little more of a pain for me to edit posts. What the spammer posted, though wasn't links to an ad farm site, or the such. it looked like a javascript exploit ... but it wasn't javascript. It might have been an exploit aimed at some type of blog or hosting software that I'm not using. still, what was a pain, was that my content was deleted. I could have gotten a backup copy of the blog DB and restored a valid version but it was easier to cut and paste from the internet archive (which had valid versions of the pages )

maths (Breguet 6703)

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