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(fishtank)-> Snails submited by Russell Tue 22 Aug 06
Edited Sun 14 Jan 07
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So In my current fish tank I have some snails. I have 4. Two are black and have stripes that folow the curve of the shell and Two are White ( yellowish) and have stripes that are perpendicular to the curve of the shell. I beleive the White ones were Marked "Albino Mistery Snails" in the fish store. I belevie these are the same as Apple Snails At the moment I am confused by the naming. It is not clear to me what parts simply classify within the species and what identifes differnt Speciec.

I have had fish tanks before but not snails. I wanted to try some because I thought they were interesting and they are supposed to keep the Glass clean of alge.

Well these White/Albino Snails were Veracious eaters. first they ate all the plants in the tank. I tried a few differnt Species. I found a fern that they didn't seem to like too much but still they would nibble at it.

But the snails didn't stop there, they ate any fish food they could get their hands on and I beleive totaly consumed a couple of fish. ( I saw them eating a Snall Neon) It is unclear to me at this time if the snails caused the death of the fish, but they clearly had no quams about eating the body of anything they could catch.

Well, eat a lot and you Gain weight. And these Snails grew. These two White Snales doubled in size while the two black snails only grew slightly.

Concerned that the snails might actualy be killing the fish, ( when I first believed the snails could not possibly catch a fish ) and after my wife cought a white snale aparenently chewing on the shell of a black snail, I moved the two snails and another problem fish ( a red tailed shark ) into another tank. They were not in this new tank for very long before we saw the larger snail mounting the smaller one. We were unsure if what we saw was an attack or possibly sex. I pulled them apart thinking that the apenage that I saw inserted from one snail to the other was it's mouth and that it was biteing. But it wasn't It was actualy the Snails Penius, and they were in fact having sex.

This just happened a few days ago, we havn't yet seen eggs layed, but we are keeping an eye out for it. I will probably add notes here.

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