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(thinkpad390x)-> thinkpad 390x suspend/hibernate submited by Russell Wed 23 Aug 06
Edited Thu 24 Aug 06
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I found this Wiki how to make APM work I did what it says, added the boot option (acpi=off ) and created a hibernate partition.
THinkpad install notes by Mark Alford Instructions differ slightly

It all looks great, I click fn-F12 and a bios screen comes up where is is saving memory to disk, but on restart is gives me this terrible message "hard drive has changed f3 to shutdown f4 for normal boot" .. So it doesn't work... I still working on it.
OK , I got Hardware Hibernate to work. It seems the difference is that I needed to use the IBM software. I used the CD image refrenced here. When hibernateing I see a totaly differnet screen than the one I got with tphdisk this new screen is grapical with IBM logos on it and has only one progress bar.

Now, I click Fn-F12 and the system hibernates. It takes about 30 seconds to do a full Hibernate/restore but it's a LOT faster than waiting for a boot.,. and All my windows are still where I left them.

Currenently working (on the Thinkpad 390x )
  • Hardware Hibernate (Fn-12)
  • Power Button Hibernate (requires a bios setting change for the power switch>
  • apm -s Suspends the system. But battery life seems very short. I left the system suspended like this and the battery was dead 6 or seven hours lator. Now ( with a Bios setting) the system will auto-hibernate off suspend after 30 minutes so I don't have a clear measure of the power useage while suspended.
Currently NOT working
  • apm -S (capital S) should hibernate the system. Does not appear to do much of anything. Hard drive spins for a moment.
  • Wireless Networking. Well that's a whole nother problem.
  • Wired networking: nfs mounts seem Really slow. I need to do some tests.
  • smbmount command is missing under fedora 6. I found a man-page refrence to mount.smbfs (mount smb filesystem) but can not figure out which package this command comes from. That gets me to another problem I am having with the Fedora 6 test 2 releace, yum pirut and rpm seem to lock up in such a way that resorces are held. Once one of these processes dies ( or I have to kill them. There is no way I have figured out to get them to run again besides a full reboot.

(Notes left over from the previous search)
Noticed on the Fedora Forum mention of a kernel build option CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND But I don't kow if my kernel ( which is more modern that the one discussed) has this option enabled. This is dealing with Linux suspending itself and not relying on the hardware to do it. I would probabably accept either option But I would like atleast *ONE* of them to work.

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