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(linux_command_line)-> pine and pico .... and now nano submited by Russell Fri 18 Feb 05
Edited Wed 18 Jan 06
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I am rather fond of the pico text editor. ( I find it much easer to use than vi ) but it is no longer included in recent redhat versons. you can download pine here. That includes the pico editor.
on Fedora Core 3 (FC3) the rpm didn't work , but the src.rpm did, although a command is missing from the instructions:
first:(as root)
rpmbuild --rebuild pine-4.62-1.src.rpm 
             (filename may differ )
then you have to install it and unless you read the output of the command above you wouldn't know that the new rpm is in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/ . but the command:
rpm -i /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/pine-4.62-1.i386.rpm
                           (filename may differ)
will complete the install.
Alternatively you can use nano which ships with many current distributions (like FC3). Nano looks much like pico, in fact it was built as a pico clone, I gather , to get around license restrictions of pico and pine (pico/pine are not full GPL )
I hope this would answer why pico command is not avaible in red hat linux 9

If, like me, you are used to typing 'pico' you can symlink to nano and you will probably not even notice the change.

(as root) ln -s /usr/bin/nano /usr/bin/pico

I beleive these notes would also apply to fedora 4 (FC4 ) and recent versions of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Drop me a note if I am wrong.

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