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(links)-> Netcraft Web Server Survey submited by Russell Wed 02 Mar 05
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Netcraft Web Server Survey
For March 2005 Apache is up 0.36% and Microsoft is down almost as much (0.30%) I know part of this is new servers coming on line, but I prefer to think of it as 3/10ths of a percent of MS's Server coustomers seeing the light and converting to Apache ;-)
For June 2005 the Apache share is up again to 69.70% of the market. ( it's growth contiues at the expence of IIS ) At the current rate, the July number will be over 70% which isn't special for anything but the "round number aspect".

It sure is hard to corelate these numbers ( while they are webservers only) with reports that say Sales of Windows servers pulled even with Unix ----- June 2006 Linux/ Apache Numbers continue to fall in the netcraft survey but most of this is from Godaddy relocating parked domains. I agree with the article, it's silly that M$ needs to give Godaddy a sweethart deal to lure a bunch of "do nothing" websites. over to IIS.. just to make the numbers look better.

Does anybody have a netcraft style survey that seperates "parked domains" from real websites. I guess that you need to define "parked", I'd call "parked" any domain that has only one page, or any domain that returns a 302 relocated for the root page. ( Lots and lots of typo-squaters do that). True, this would also miss,classify some really simple web pages as parked. But for the use of the survey, would that really count as a "real" webserver ?

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