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(linux_command_line)-> Upgrading to Fedora Core 3 submited by Russell Sun 03 Apr 05
Edited Thu 22 Dec 05
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I did a fresh install on a new had drive these are the steps required to get my desired setup.
  1. Install FC 3
  2. install pgp public key
  3. run "yum update" (select yes when prompted, contiue with steps below while this runs)
  4. Install pine/pico
  5. mount old drive, copy my home and /var/html contents
  6. restore nfs mounts (not curenly working )
  7. install azureus small chicken/egg problem with jre (java runtime) I azureus's page uses a torrent link, but can't run azureus w/o jre.
    However if you don't have java and azureus installed, you can download the needed files via http Java Azureus (links from this page)

  8. install lirc ( this took too long because I had to add symlink from /dev/lirc /dev/ttyS0 this symlink must be created each time at book ( I put it in /etc/rc.local) because /dev isn't a persistent filesystem ( new with Fedora Core 3 ))
  9. install lame
  10. install mplayer ( from sorce so it will support lirc)
Still trying to solve the nfs mount problem, adding -o nfsvers=2 doesn't seem to fix it.

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