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everyone has their idea of what should and shouldn't be. I feel that information should be free. I do not need to accord with greedy law makers who only protect the rich with patents and copyrights. This whole patent industry is designed to prevent greedy hearts from loosing what they perceive to be theirs. The concept of ownership is a unnatural and a mutation of from nature. Dont you agree, if you dont look at how we treat nature. soon your children will not have clean water to drink, oh im sorry most of the world doesnt have clean water to drink right now. The language of the San people in Southern Africa do not even have a word for ownership.

I do not need to live with laws and foolish greed enforcing methods. Thank heavens for the internet which allows me access to knowledge and information which allows me to search for 'head first java torrent', It allows me access to knowledge about others and wisdom about myself. Oh thank heavens for this opportunity to express myself and all those who wish to take a glimpse at what I want to say!

I presume this is a bit long winded but I don't care. Im venting on your list venting from the frustration that money makers and law enforcement and bureaucratic nonsense that we fools of human beings have allowed to be pulled over our eyes. Fools(humans) have submitted their will power to a few. These few have grown greedy and now know not nor care about the consequences of their actions. They only care that they do not loose this power.

I am venting at fools who enforce this unnatural lifestyle where billions of people are starving and dying cause these western countries exploiting the rest of the world with arms deals and narcotic rubbish just to ensure their precedence over the other person (with the same colour heart and blood) oh how I look forward to the day where the people create their own money and it is not created by the minute few bankers. Where people can mind themselves, where there are no laws and litigations.

So my dear friend with the same coloured heart with the same kind of life in your veins, I share my voice with you, now you know why I do not want to buy the book. I want to use the information in that book to create a kind of stock market which lists people and individuals who make good contributions to the society and its people. Those contributions which address the foundation of humanity. water, food, shelter, love. The people may trade in another currency other than currencies controlled by bankers, a currency which is controlled by the people. A currency managed by a java software system with a stock market.

'poor' people may then trade and list their services. Thus breaking away from this style of living where banks dont see people only the id cards, where countries dont see the people on id numbers and passports. I am not them, I do not need them to live. Then why cant I set up a system that does not need them? The poor shall no longer be known as poor.

You say the book is only so and so amount did you know some 90% of the worlds population live on less than 2 us cents a day. This kind of information is beyond their grasp, would you like to give your book to those who need a book. The do not have access to it.

I need that information. And I love to be able to search for it. I feel free to be able to search for it!

Oh it felt so good saying this!

philosophical ramblings (Russell)

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