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(Mplayer)-> (Parent)->mplayer to local display submited by Russell Tue 28 Oct 08
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simple trick to make mplayer play a video on the local display even if you are logged in remotly ( or if you are a script)
DISPLAY=:0 mplayer test.avi
Now for this to work you have to previously allowed remote conections the the xserver ( the computers display) to make this work I added this command to my startup scripts (how to do this depends on which desktop you use)
xhost +
That lets any computer that wishes to connecto the xserver, because the computer I use to display video on the TV is behind a lan firewall I don't worry about it, but you should just know that is what this does. There is probably a more secure way to do this, limiting connections to only the localhost ( ) but I havn't needed to do this.

I found this here

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