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(catalina22)-> (Parent)->cat 22 mast step machine submited by James Y Sat 27 Feb 10
Edited Sun 28 Feb 10
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Hi my name Is Jim, I recently aquired a Catalina 22, I have so far only been able to raise/lower mast with 2 people...(men).
I have been trying to find a safe way to make this a single handed task. so far I have machined a duplicate boom slide, and attached 7 foot conduit to the slide, then used those things that look like chain links, except they have screwing openings in one side, to hook the conduit to the base of the deck cables that go around the perimeter of the deck. however there was too much play using a link, even the smallest ones. because of this play, the mast could move too far to the side, and not keep center of gravity. so I am in the process of making stainless steel universal joints to take the place of the links, and eliminate the play in the a frame slide. then I was thinking of using a remote power winch to raise the mast, to allow me to attach the forestay etc. I could use all the help I can get. thanks Jim

I'd like to see photos of that (Russell)

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