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(misc)-> (Parent)->convert video for playback on droid submited by Russell Sun 28 Feb 10
Edited Sun 22 Aug 10
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encoding-videos-for-your-motorola-droid This does it using handbreak, which irritatingly is ghb on the command line instead of handbreak But this does work. His screen shots seem to be from a different than the current version of handbreak, but I was able to figure it out. I'd like to be able to do this with avidemux, but avidemux doesn't seem to be able to edit the droid source video without messing up the frame rate and audio sync.

So the best method I have for editing a video captured on the droid so far is:
Record video on the droid
copy to desktop computer
use handbrake to convert to a format avidemux can use
Edit with avidemux
use handbreak to convert back to droid playable format.
Copy back to droid for playback.
I imagine that this can also be done with mencoder, but I haven't yet worked out the command line.
Droid screen resolution 854 by 480 pixels.

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