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I am using this page to test direct market links, These URLs will only work when viewed from an android device

Home++ beta This is a very useful replacement of the Android home screen. It lets you have up to 7 (configurable) home screens, and includes some shortcuts to common features, like the phone , address book and the web browser. One feature I really like is the ability to add a direct link to a phone number on a home screen. (Long press the home screen where you want to add, Select "Shortcut" Then select "Direct Dial" then select the person and number you want to call. ) I have also used this to place bookmark links direcly on the home screeen, so I can jump right to webpages that I use frequently.

Antennas This app lets you see which cell towers you are currently using, and shows the difference between your GPS location and the Nework computed location. (location based on the cell tower location )

3Banana Notes I have just started using this app. It lets me create notes and save pictures. What I like about it, is that it is synced with a website and that I can use the "share" feature to save a photo or a web page into this notes box. I'm not sure I'm going to successfully integrate this into my life. It have a lot of features I have not yet explored. The Name is clearly a trick to make the app appear at the top of the Application list, (in the app list, or the "share with" list ) Update: I've not been using this so much , it's a bit to much for my needs. Instead, I've been using :
Note Everything which is a simple text note taker and voice recorder. It supports backup to the SD card, which is all I need.

XkcdViewer is an app that lets you view the xkcd.com web comic. Cool feature is that taping the image displays the "hover text", ( I don't think you can get this info with the built in browser, so this is really handy)

Phandroid News This is a RSS reader that displays recent postings on the Phandroid website. It has a lot s news about "new phones" and "new device rumors" Mostly I skip those stories, but they do mention new apps that I find interesting from time to time. I also listen to the podcast they put out about weekly.

Slashdot reader This is anoher rss news reader that I use. It lists recent stories on slashdot, Besides a silly bug it has where it fails to render html code in the article titles ( AT&_symbol;T looks like AT&_symbol;amp;T) it is very useful.

Carcast is a podcast player. I likc it much better than the google one "Listen" because it has simple "go back 30 seconds buttons" that use when I miss something ( this is really hard to do with a slider ). It also uses the direct podcast feeds ( instead of google's copy) so it's more current. Another thing I like about it is it doesn't delete anything until I tell it to. I use this every day on my commute to work with my phone plugged into the line-in connection of my car stereo.

Audio Book Player This is a really cool app that I use to play audio books that I have downloaded (mostly from Librivox Huge library of public domain audio books, check it out ) It will play a file and at a time out setting it will beep. If I don't shake the phone, the audio fades out and pauses. So I don't lose my place, If I am listing to a book as I fall sleep. I have had email contact with the developer who was very responsive to some issues I was having with it.

Some utility Apps I swear by:
Volume Control There is more than one with this name, I like the one by "New" with the ladybug as an icon. This is essential On the droid. With the droid I could constanty bump the volume buttons making the phone go silent and causing me to miss calls. This app changes the ringer volume back to the pre-set level when you bump the button. Now I use this app, instead of the buttons to control the ringer volume. It's only flaw, is that it doesn't auto-start, so I have to remember to run it each time my phone is restarted.

Wifi Analyzer This is a really cool app that shows you a graph of the singnal strenth and chanels of the local wifi hotspots. I have actually used the multiple times when seting up a wifi hotspot to select wifi a wifi chanel with the least interference. It is also a fun toy.

K9 Email A much better mail cliend than the One Google provides. It does several things that the built in app "email" does not. It will move messages between folders. The Google App would Force close if the connection timed out (while on spotty wifi) and it just has a whole host of options that I find essential. My main complaints are the small font size on the header list makes selecting a message a little difficult ( a lot of people actually complain about this) and it has a lot of complexity that I don't really need. But it's such a huge improvement, I would not go back.

However before I found k9 email, I ran into what I consider a serious flaw in the Android market system. I was unhappy with "email", and several times ( usually after it pissed me off) I went to the android market searching for "email client" "email app" and several other search terms that I thought might find me some sort of application to replace "email". well these market searches failed over and over. In the Android market I have no way to search within a category, or to limit the search to "title only" or really anything that might have made it possible for me to find this thing. It was a Google Search on the web that pointed me to a review of this application.

k9 Email wiki

There is more, I currently have about 100 apps installed (all free) but I don't really use all to them .

Under review:

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