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(misc)-> (Parent)->OOL Bandwidth Cap does exist submited by Nino Fri 09 Jul 10
Edited Tue 24 Aug 10
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I want to say that I've been an OOL subscriber for 4 years now and last month they dropped the cap on me. No mass uploading or downloading, just playing online multiplayer games. What's really interesting is that parts of the internet will not load and only the server that I play on refuses to work. The other two are fine and I confirmed this with the friends I play with and they are able to get on perfectly fine (so it's not the server). The websites that get hosed seem to be the ones that I used to visit alot (Daily News, Google Finance, and Marketwatch). I don't run any servers, have not contracted any viruses and do not visit websites with pornography or any illegal materials.

I called the service number and the guy pretends to not know what a bandwidth cap is. The rest is now just stressful. Buyer Beware!

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