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(linux_command_line)-> (Parent)->samba 12351: tree connect failed nosuchshare submited by Russell Mon 23 Aug 10
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after seting up a new server with samba I got this error:
12351: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an invalid share name) SMB connection failed
when I tried to mount the shared directory on the server. This was in-spite of the fact that the directory was listed with smbclient -L <server_name>
I knew the directory existed, because I chose it using the GUI config tool (system-config-samba) we were not dealing with a typeo in the path.

I tried several things, Turned off the firewall ( I had already enabled the smb connection ports) , Turning off SELINUX ( a common cause of problems like this) ..

After an hour or more of banging my head aginst this I checked the directory permissions.

The directory I am sharing is a subdir of a user dir. (/home/username/shared_path ) I had some vague memory of this being an issue with apache sharing the http-public dir of a user. It turns out that the parent directory must be world readable (chmod 755 or 744 ) for samba to be able to read it.

so I fixed it with:
sudo chmod 755 /home/username
I post this here in hopes that someone else might spend less time on this error.

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