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(misc)-> Banded Pigeons submited by Russell Mon 16 May 05
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So I'm behind my office and I see this pigeon that stays put when I walk twards it. With almost no effort, I am able to catch this bird.

I notice that on it's leg it has the a band with the codes "IF 2005 SQC 410" and I set out to find out what this code means.
It took me way to long to find out what this means but I think I got it.

The "IF" refers to International Federation: American Homing Pigeon Fanciers Inc...
the "2005" is the birth year of the bird.
"SQC" stands for "South Queens Club" (I found that in this PDF)
and the final number "410" identifies the specific Pigeon.

Other Org codes are listed here

I have to say that I was actually disappointed. I was more difficult than I thought it should be to find this information and in addition, I didn't find any kind of a Where's George? locater for the birds. Probably this has to do with the idea that if you are big into pigeons, you probably aren't big into computers.

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