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(links)-> (Parent)->Azureus Messaging Protocol submited by Russell Wed 25 May 05
Edited Mon 31 Oct 05
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So the day After I post the notes above, Azureus updates to and now supports the Azureus Messaging Protocol. This strikes me as the ideal platform onto which a distrubted torrent search could be built.
Sadly the Documetation should be here The page does not contain much useful infomation and says comming soon

I see two possible ways to do this
  • build a new peer management system that uses this protocal to send searches and return listings
  • Integrate the searches with the DHT, such that each keyword search would be a hash in the DHT and would return a list of peers that know something about it, then you just connect to some of those peers and they sould have the torents that match your search. The second method is probaby easer to build,(assuming I can lern how to talk to the Message protocal and the DHT). It depends on a lot of black magic ( like the DHT) but would probably be very hard to implment complex searches. ( contains keyword X but not Keyword Y )
    The first method is much more ideal for a lookup efficency, you send a query to the peers and they respond if they have what you want. with the keywords in the DHT model, each listing peer posts into the DHT all the keywords they know about.
    The second method also carries the risk that it might flood the DHT with too much sparce data, I don't know enough about how it works to know if this is an issue or not.

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