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(Mplayer)-> mencoder to make VCD submited by Russell Sun 12 Jun 05
Edited Wed 09 Nov 05
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Mplayer ships with mencvcd which is a script that converts any movie type that mplayer can play into VCD ( and other) format which is playable by most DVD players.

the setup is not without chalanges.
first to get the script running you have to install :
mjpegtools RPMs
which needs Libquicktime RPMs
vcdimager RPMs
cdrdao (included in fedora core use: yum install cdrdao
lame RPMs
toolame download sorce
tar -zxf toolame-02l.tgz
cd toolame-02l
su (enter root password)
cp -v toolame /usr/bin
sox RPMs

then you have to make some changes to mencvcd
  • as listed here change two lines in the script to not call the -m option in mplex
  • Comment out line 84 ( sets CDDEV)
  • (as root> add a symlink from /dev/cdrecorder to your cdrecorder device
    ln -s /dev/hdb /dev/cdrecorder (change hdb as applys to your system)
  • change line 438 from this:
    cdrdao write $overburn --reload $CDDEV --driver $CDDRV $cue
    to this:
    cdrdao write $overburn $cue

After all that you can finaly call the script:
./mencvcd VCD path_and_name_of_sorcefile -vfr 4 -vnorm n
This will chew on your file for a long thime then ask you to press space to begin buring the CDR. VCD is the name of the project. It uses this as filename for temp files during the process. By always using the same projectname (VCD) I don't end up with a clutter of temp files.

I don't know if this is the best way to do this, I suspect that it isn't because
  • the output is much lower quality, (although this might be a result of the VCD format)
  • This script seems to rip the file into a raw vido file and a raw audio file then recompress it all again into a VCD format file. It seems to me that it would be quicker if we had a direct to VCD re-encoder


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