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(misc)-> Catskill Game Farm submited by Russell Tue 14 Jun 05
Edited Wed 09 Aug 06
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The animals list at the Catskill Game Farm Oddly this page does not appear to be linked to from the site itself.

I personaly love this place. I have had lots of fun there with the animals. I certanly hope they don't lose any business because of how bad their website is. ( clicking on the logo returns 404 not found )..

Depressing News Catskill Game Farm to close
Catskill Game Farm closing (Daily Freeman, More details)
There is a Petition Drive http://savethecatskillgamefarm.com/
I'm not very optimistic. But it would be a shame to see it close. It's a place like no other I know. It isn't just a petting zoo, it's a place where kids can see animals close up and interact with them. Modern Zoos are so consumed with putting the animals in some sort of ideal habatat that the visitor hardly has a chance to see them.

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