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(catalina22)-> Bannermans Castle Links and photos submited by Russell Fri 12 Aug 05
Edited Wed 30 Dec 09
Web kangry.com
Bannerman Castle Trust (News and donation page)
Bannermans Castle Wikipedia Page
Huge Archive of Urban Ruins(Archive) Includes photos of bannerman's Island.
Poughkeepsie Journal Dec 28,2009 "30 to 40 percent of the structure's front wall and about half of its east wall collapsed sometime Saturday or early Sunday " ... It was ice, or the freeze thaw cycle . It had just been cold and warmed up with lots of rain over the weekend. I believe that was the cause of the collapse. I am afraid that the bulk of the tower will soon fall, as it has now lost a lot of structural support that the closed box shape gave it.
A recent photo of the collapsed wall on Bannerman's I posted on the wikipedia page
New York Times Article on the Collapsed wall It seems I scooped them by getting photos.
Recent photos of the collapsed wall on Bannerman's Island Arsenal(Dec 2009)
collapse photos on the Bannerman castle trust page

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