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(links)-> NOAA controling Hurricanes FAQ submited by Russell Mon 12 Sep 05
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TROPICAL CYCLONE MODIFICATION AND MYTHS Personaly, I would not be quite so quick to discount every idea under the sun.

The Solution I like is cooling surface water by pumping water from debth to the surface. I belive this might be possible. To dispel the myth they talk about how much power it would take and how this might cause problems for the fish that live in the area.

To this I say, it might still be possible to devolope a fleet of Nuclear powered (aircraft carrier sized) craft that could pump deep water(cold) to the surface. The ships propultion systems could be used to keep them at the leading edge of the storm so it keep running over the cold water. I don't know the numbers. ( nor do I know how to compute them) but I can't imagine that you need to totaly dissapate all the energy of the storm. All that you need to do is keep it from growing biger than a tropical storm and possibly the tempature differntials from one side to the other might act to de-stableize the storms stucture, and cause it to loose form and power.

It might be easier than some people think. But.... It would take dedication of a few billion dollars and time to create the fleet I describe, with no proof it will work until it's tried. During the build stage people would protest that it is a waste of money and that it will kill fish. (but I think this is largle unlikely, deep water is mostly lifeless, and if we could create huge changes in the surface tempature, turning off the storms would be easy ) And once it's running, if it doesn't totaly turn off a storm it will be called a failure. but that isn't the objective. the objective would be to keep storms from getting to hurricane strenght ( or atleast cat 3,4,5 .... )

The fleet would be deployed in the mid atlantic during hurricane season and would attack each tropical depression that forms as it moves west. If possible multiple ships would attack the same depression. And there would probably be a learning curve. We would need to learn, at what point it makes sense to go after the next "baby storm" vs. continue to poke at one that you have taken a lot of engery from.

Another idea I had about how to power this system is that the ships could have masts that reached up into the storms with windmils ( turbines built heavy, to take 100mph winds or more ) that could be used to generate some of the power needed to run the pumps. So the stonger the storm is, the more power it gives you to pump deep ocean water to the surface.

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