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(links)-> online office tools (ajax) submited by Russell Thu 29 Sep 05
Edited Wed 11 Jan 06
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Writely free online word processor Works well. Only the spell check leaves me wanting for word ( can't right click to correct)

Num Sum free online spreadsheet Has potential, but I had problems getting it to take a sum function and navagation around the screen is hard

AJAX calendar (curretly slashdotted).. ok it's working now, actually this is impressive. Still a work in progress, but hey, it supports a full right click menu. While I don't like totaly loseing the right click functions of my brownser, this does greatly improve the useablility.

AJAX presentation-building software Looks complicated, probably not a good replacement for powerpoint.
AJAX note-taking software A cute Post-IT note app. Not quite sure what it's good for. and Gawd, what awful colors. ( but perhaps that's the point, so notes stand out)

I learned about this on /.

ajax notes links and tutorials (Russell)
other Ajax apps and tools (Russell)

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