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(humor)-> (Parent)->Dumb Laws submited by Russell Fri 11 Nov 05
Edited Wed 10 May 06
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Westchester County to Outlaw unsecured Wi-Fi
"Analog hole" legislation (HR4569) a law that would outlaw the 'unsecured' analog feed from digital media devices.
My first reaction, was that they had to be kidding. I mean, could they actually pass a law that would make something that we have able to do for years Illegal. But aparently they aren't kidding. Calling my congresperson on this one.
MPAA can't even convince Hollywood of analog protection scheme .. it's encoriageing, but Somehow I don't beleive the fact that just about everybody can see that this is a bad idea will keep it from happening...

Free WiFi Banned By Officials at Boston's Logan Airport (this FCC ruleing lets the building owner sell a exclusive pay contract for wi-fi service. Killing any compettion, and fixing the price at .. more than zero)

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail (Related /. story)
Eff's call to action on many issues I agree with about 98% of this .
2nd hand electronics sales will soon be illegal in Japan .. So this is what happens when the corporate interests control the goverment. The article also covers a rule they have the puts a big damper on used car sales. We can only hope and pray.. and vote to keep this kind of crap happening in the states.
Now it's reported, that second hand electronics sales will *NOT* be made illegal. But what I would draw your attention to, is that it appears they may well be regulated, which, in my humble opionion, is still a problem.

Not a law .. yet, .. but it should never become one either...
RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use First they say it's OK, they they say it isn't. We really need a clear law, or perhaps a constituional admendment that establishes that once I buy something . ..gasp .. I own, it and can do with it what I want. OK, I can't sell it to compete with the orginal product, but they have no right to tell me where and how I chose to listen to the music I bought. ( would you let a painter tell you you have to hang his painting on a north faceing wall ?? , the RIAA posistion is just as stupid ) It is clear to me that this issue can't be left to judges, who either don't get the concepts involved or are overwhelmed by paperwork attacks from well funded RIAA lawyers.

(DMCA) Piracy worse than child pornography

Letter to my congressperson about HR4569 (Russell)
man in trouble for eraseing his own hard drive (Russell)
Photo laws : where can you use a camera (Russell)
cable company gets subsribers jaled for bandwith theft, overzelous attacks (Russell)
who is my congressperson? (Russell)
55 to stay alive, speed limit. (Russell)

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