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Ajax without xmlhttprequest
24 Ways to Impress Your Friends - Day1: Easy Ajax with Prototype
Cool samples of Edit in place and sorting with ajax[tool-man] (From digg)
A cool ajax/javascript mysql database front end Source
IBM:Mastering Ajax Mastering Ajax, Part II [IBM]
Dojo Toolkit 0.2 didn't see samples. ..
Ajax chat client sample
Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever
Make an RSS Aggregator with PHP and AJAX
HOW-TO: build a search engine in PHP
Edit in Place with Ajax [24 ways] ... I should implement this here ....
AJAX Domain Whois Dead Archive Really more of a proof of concept. not to mention a wide open hole for spammers to scrape the DB.
Login System with Ajax and PHP
Lookup PHP functions with AJAX simple utility, good as a quick refrence.
Use Ajax To Upload Files Dead Archive link
Quick Lookup AJAX Reference PHP CSS etc
Ajax Tutorial With Prototype...
Submit your forms 'the ajax way' with hidden iframes!
Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes Some are links to other documents listed here, like "mastering ajax" from IBM.. But is seems useful. Other topics also covered, (databases, networking etc. )
AJAX: How to make your own Spy page
An AJAX commenting application using jsolait library Alows users to place comments on a web page
simple Prototype example for fetching data from a server
Handling JSON with PHP

MySQL Via PHP Cheat Sheet (quickref),php+xml (Russell)
why ajax sucks (Russell)
CGI programming, online book (Russell)
Internet/network testing tools notes and manuals (Russell)
PDF Generation Using Only PHP (Russell)
Php Links and notes (Russell)

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