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(links)-> (Parent)->Sample CSS Page Layouts and other css samples and links submited by Russell Sun 27 Nov 05
Edited Sun 17 Aug 08
Web kangry.com
Sample CSS Page Layouts
12 Useful CSS Templates
More Css templates (searchable)
w3schools good simple examples of all kinds of styles **Very**GOOD**
12 Css Articles Tricks of 2005 various topics.
Another css tutorial
CSS Tips from SimpleBits
CSS Checklists an alternative to Select Boxes
Twelve Free CSS Navigation Menu Designs
Amaya: Graphical Css/HTML editor multiplatform opensource I have only tried this a little. It seems to be powerful. It's the first html editor I have tried that will properly render content with CSS formating in it. I need to learn how to use it.
CSS Menu Generator [webmaster-toolkit]
Complete introduction to CSS(wiki)
Advanced CSS Layouts: Step by step [webrefrence]
JavaScript + CSS = Nice Picture Display .. cool, but it breaks the back button. perhaps if it didn't grey the BG and put a little close icon on the image. (w/o this you have no clue that clicking the image will take you back )
CSS Star Rating System, Part 2
Quick 'n easy CSS borders/shadows you name it!
5 Tips for Organizing Your CSS
Css Optimiser
Tutorial: Coding a Layout
Holy Grail of CSS layouts Very simple, setup for 3 collum CSS
CSS positioning [brainjar]
CSS Navigation Magnification
CSS layout generator
Css Basics
CSS Layout Tutorial [Enlighten Designs] A nice basic walkthru. Good examples
Css Sprites Background overflow...
Css Drop Shadows that actually work ( doesn't force the text to use position:absolute )

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