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(blogware)-> Setbacks.... submited by Russell Wed 07 Dec 05
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Ok I am having two problems. The first is the appearance of spammer posts on the site. Some for a gambleing system and others for some website in a non aribic language ( perhaps chinese). I'm not going to post urls or names for them, cause that what they want. The post holding system seems to be keeping them at bay, but I still resent the attempt at all.

The second problem just occored this moring. I opend up firefox and session saver restored the multiple tabs I had previously opened. One of these was the "save changes" script page, which re-issued an edit command, and in doing so droped changes for a bunch of notes I had made for myself on ajax. This exposes myself to the problem that I don't have a way to rollback changes. And I don't have a backup of the database that is *ANYWERE* *NEAR* current. I think I'm going to implement some sort of quick and dirty "change saver" tool. Idealy I'd like something like wiki has where rollbacks can be automated. Not to mention that I will backup the database today. Testing test2

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