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(links)-> (Parent)->why ajax sucks submited by Russell Wed 07 Dec 05
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why ajax sucks
Which is really just a rewrite of a previous article:
Why frames suck
The issue is really a larger point about web design in general. It has always bothered me that some people design websites to work on only the developers equepment with little regard for other people with differnet browsers, slower comptuers, slower bandwith, accesibility limitations etc..

I have a rant the lost battle over page layout but the jist of the issue, is that web designers must take all this into consideration. Too often they don't, they just make the web page look as flashy as possible with little regard for "is this the best method".

Clearly Ajax tools can be used in a way that improves the user experince. But It should never be used for it's own sake.

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