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(humor)-> Things that will fail submited by Russell Wed 07 Dec 05
Edited Mon 16 Jan 06
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Democracy_2.0 An attempt to write laws as a colabertive wiki.

Why will it fail? Because a collaboration only works when most of the members have the same goal. Consider the example here. The images work well when all the users have the same concept of what the result should look like. Banana, and Letter seemed to work well. But stuff like "spider" totally failed, because the members of the hive had very different views on the end result.

This Democracy project will fail, because you can't use a wiki to resolve a debate. A wiki works great for documentation where person (A) says something and person (B) clarifies it. Or Person (C) identifies an error in (A)'s statement. (which, (A) is likely to agree with when he/she sees it )

  • (A) To start a car, turn the key in the ignition.
  • (B) (clarifies) To start a car , turn the key Clockwise in the ignition.
  • (C) (Corrects) To start a car, first insert the key in the Ignition, then turn the key clockwise.
It just won't work when there are multiple schools of thought:
  • (A)Government should provide many services and raise taxes to do it.
  • (B)Government should provide a minimum of services and have the lowest tax rates possible.
How is a wiki going to resove that?

more things that will fail:
Quaero: The European search engine The efficency of the post office tries to take on the most adaptive companys of all time ( google, Yahoo etc. ) .. Yea I just don't see it working.

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