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(linux_command_line)-> (Parent)->Looking for the Head First Java book as a torrent ? submited by Russell Mon 19 Dec 05
Edited Fri 07 Jul 06
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Are you looking for the Head First Java book as a bittorrent/torrent file to download ?

Why don't you Buy the damb book. If you are educated enough to benefit from this book then you can probably afford it. Currently it's Less than thirty dollars on amazon.

I keep getting web hits from people searching for "head first java torrent". I would propose to you that it is people like you that are giving P2P software such a bad name. In looking for such a download you are essentially saying that Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates should not be compensated for their work.

I like the book and I think that $30 is not an unbearable price. We aren't dealing with a book that is out of print or otherwise un-findable. There is no reason that I can see that people should be downloading this book for free on peer to peer networks. The only motivation is that people are insanely cheap and won't pay for a product with obvious value.

So, shame on you.

Think I'm wrong? Give me some other reason that does make sense. Post anonymously if you like.

Buy a book (Alhe)
I like to have a first look in the book (Anonymous)
too expensive (me)
bookstore delays (Henrik)
I do have it and about 30 other programming books (Anthony)
Not easy to find (Me)
In Brazil is much more expensive!!! (Anonymous)
Libraries as theft (Anonymous)
magic money (berni)
Heh, nicely done (minusX)
Everybody is wrong (Me)
Head First Java (Anonymous)
Replying about head first (Brazilian)
want a version on my pc too (Anonymous)
buy the damned book (Bryan)
A good reason (Islam Ali)
In the spirit of social work... (Anonymous)
hi from argentina (Anonymous)
I have the book (Anonymous)
Thanks I Will...(Please Read) (rudresh.prabhu@xxxx.yyyy)
i DID buy it, foo (Anonymous)
I bought it, I like it, and want an ebook too. (zosolias)
a copy on PC (Rohit)
Type Subject here (Anonymous)
Negitive comment (Anonymous)
Kashmir? (Suhail)
own it, want e-version (Anonymous)
expensive outside us (Anonymous)
100$ price (Anonymous)
LatinAmerican (anonymous)
Not In My country (Anonymous)
Lame bro, your adsense and google hits are your main objective (Anonymous)
Wrong Perspective (one19)
head first java (ethrosdemon)
Try Living in south america... (lisandro)
Try Living in south america... (lisandro)
I'm in Afghanistan, no delivery (Anonymous)

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