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(links)-> (Parent)->Non -apple Quick time video Drivers. (QuickTime Alternative), gnash:flash alternative submited by Russell Fri 23 Dec 05
Edited Wed 01 Feb 06
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QuickTime Alternative Installs to let you play quicktime movies in windows without installing the opressive quicktime drivers. With this you can keep control of your system, limit bloat, and not be forced to install itunes. Until I found this, I was forced to decline to view any movie distrubuted in quicktime format. ( cause there is no way I was going to install quicktime on another machine )

It even plays movies inbedded in the browser. Highly recomended.

Gnash: open source Flash player I don't find flash as offensive as Quicktime, it doesn't take over your computer when you install it. Macromedia has generaly releaced multi-OS versions of the plugins. But it's still closed source, and with Adobe buying Macromedia, it's clearly a good idea to keep options open on this stuff. Now for websites that are infected with flash based adds what you need is flashblock which lets you decide what flash apps should run.

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