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(humor)-> tech support hell, bad customer service submited by Russell Wed 04 Jan 06
Edited Tue 18 Jul 06
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HP's Horrible, Unhelpful, Incompetent Tech Support and Service a sad story about tech support people at HP who just don't understand the problem. I have to say that when a person who Has a clue calls tech support they can often make things worse for themselves when they try to be helpful. This guy tested the computer with knoppix, they respond "we only support windows OS's" .. Its a sad comentary but true.

I can report that I have had one good expeience with Intel support. I had a Pentium 4 Motherbord and a Pentium 4 chip, but the combination would not boot. I was able to get a guy (in india) on the line from intel, who looked at the SAME web page with the tech specs of my motherboard that I had, and identifed that this particular CPU would not work with that particular Motherboard ( I belive the issue was hyperthreding ). So Kudos to Intel for having someone who was educated enough to know that some abrevation ment the two were incompatable. Shame on intel for building incompatable chips that fit in the same socket. But atlease not all tech support that has been outsourced to india is useless.

Google's List of Allegedly Unethical Firms
winn and sims Detailed story about how a sleazy law firm ( win and sims) went after a guy for a credit card bill that wasn't his in the first place.( same guy is taking on the MPAA)


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