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(blogware)-> shamed into fixing my spelling (some of it anyway) submited by Russell Wed 11 Jan 06
Edited Fri 13 Jul 12
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So I have been playing with google, and one of the things it will give you is "top search querys", a list of keywords that your pages will show up for.

Of course, Number three on the list for kangry.com is the word "actually"..... well not actually that word, but rather, how I seemd to have beleived the word was spelled. ( one "L" instead of two). Google gives about 125 hits for that spelling of the word on my site. (most objects can be displayed more than one way, so I didns't actually make the mistake that many times.

Ok it's just pathetic. Tonight,I beleive I have corrected every occorance of that word on the site. (This will explain the large number of comments "updated" today.) I know the whole site is full of miss-spellings, but when I get so bad at it that that is a "top search term" ...

It will take a while, but eventualy, google will refresh it's caches and that word should dissapear from all refrences. (ofcourse, the arhive will still know about it. )

I do try to correct my spelling when I see that it is wrong. Recently I corrected the spelling I had for Wappinger Falls because I noticed that I got a hit from a google page that started off did you mean... with the correct spelling.

In some cases I have intentialy left misspellings in place because I like the hits I get from them. Two examples are satalite instead of satellite and NyQuil instead of NyQuill. It's hard to say where I draw the line, I guess I figure if it's a reansable misspelling, I don't see a problem with leaving it on the page, but if it's just wrong, and isn't even part of the topic.. I just makes me look stupid. ( which I clearly don't need any more help at ;-) )

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