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(links)-> Cheep Domain Registration, problems with godaddy. submited by Russell Thu 12 Jan 06
Edited Tue 18 Apr 06
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1and1.com $5.99, yr. thinking about moving a bunch of domain names. Currently all my regs are with godaddy, but todays story about them pulling DNS for torrent sites is VERY troubling. I need to learn more details on the story. but If they actually pulled DNS for a site w/o a court order, I can't see how I can continue to support them.
Ok here is the letter that Goddaddy sent to the sites they suspended It doesn't clear up much. As I read it the agreement says a) godaddy isn't giving you right's to it's IP and b)you agree that godaddy's content and content of and any affiliated Web sites is covered by Copywrite, IP law etc..

It does not say:
  • you agree to respect anyone's IP content rights
  • Linking is equlivant to illegaly publishing
Where does Godaddy get off pulling a website w/o a formal complaint and review process?
Very troubleing

Godaddy blackmailing (Russell)
Domain name hosting (Russell)

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