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(links)-> (Parent)->A rather depressing story about Lakia the first dog in space submited by Russell Mon 16 Jan 06
Edited Mon 20 Feb 06
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Laika the first dog in space died within hours Pretty depressing. It's hard to explain why Some storys seem far worse than others. I guess in this case, I feel, as a dog owner, I could never subject any animal to such treatment. Part of my sadness over this has to come from the fact that the poor dog had no idea what was happening or that it was doomed.
Brainsip: Sputnik 2 More details on the plight of the first dog in space.
Bainsip: russian space dogs Aparently the russians sent a lot of dogs into space.
Brainsip: Animals in space It does make me feel better about the US experiments that didn't appear to include any "maroon the animal in space" missions
Non-human astronauts Looks like a very full list

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