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(essays)-> Jackhammer problem submited by Russell Sun 16 Jan 05
Edited Sun 23 Jul 06
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This is another recurring concept for me.
it seems that every time I have a programming need I do a search on freshmeat or sorceforge and inevitbably I find a program that does what I want, but it also does much more than I want.

I consider it like going to the hardware store ( a place to buy tools befor the market was flooded by home depots ) and looking for a small chizel. Unfortantly the Hardware store doesn't sell small chisels, they only sell high power jackhammers.

the clerk will insist that the jack hamemr will do my job, but to use it I have to lug this heavy tool to the jobsite, as well as rent an aircompressor and the tool will be tetherd to the pump at all times. so not only will the tool be heavy and hard to move, but it's range of motion will be limited by the airlines.

Not to mention that when I apply this 200lbs tool to the small pice of wood I wanted to shape, I totaly destroy my project with the first application

Doing too much is often a problem because you usualy need to manage the various options. My experineces have tought me that it often takes much longer to learn the controls of the complcated program that it would to simply fasion it myself out of tools I aleady know how to use.

such an example has occored on the page you are looking at. I wanted to install a simple blog site, but I was stymied with the thick options and various programs, that did 1000 things that I didn't need. My solution was to simply toss this together with php,mysql and html. ( tools I already know how to use )


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