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Random File I/O with Perl

binary direct read from file
Reads LENGTH binary bytes from the file into the variable at OFFSET. Returns number of bytes actually read.
Perl Array Functions This is part of a larger Online Lecture on perl Contains lots of good and simple examples.

Perl fork without waiting on child process: waitpid PID,FLAGS

use POSIX ":sys_wait_h";

do {
if ($x==0)
  {  ## this is the child
    ## do something that could take a long time or never end
    exit(0); ## exits the child 


foreach (keys %PIDS )
   print "waiting for $PIDS{$_} ";
     if ($retval > -1) {delete $PIDS{$retval};print "($retval exited)"};    
 } ## end foreach
print "\n";

sleep 30;
}until (1==2);
This code sample will start the child every 30 seconds, no matter what. (even if the child takes a long time to complete) The script can be left running continiously. if it didn't call wait() , or in this case waitpid(), you will end up fork() bombing your system. this solves that problem and solves the problem where some instances of the child take a long time to complete. ( slow/bad network conections etc.. see my issues with optium oinline )

BTW, &WNOHANG has a value of 1. So if the 'use' command doesn't work for you, just do "waitpid($PID,1);" that's bad form, and perhaps it's not 1 on all systems, but perl code isn't really about good form, it's about getting the job done with the least time spent coding possible.

perl get current username
($my_user_name, $pass, $uid, $gid, $quota, $comment, $gcos, $dir, $shell, $expire) = getpwuid($<);
gets current username using the numeric user-id and the password file contents. ( on modern systems, that use a shadow password file, $pass will be "x" which is only a placeholder )
Remove HTML tags leaving only text
$htmlCode =~ s|<.+?>||g;
Check out the discussion on stack overflow about how that is probably not a good idea, and you should use a more powerful tool.

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