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(essays)-> china submited by Russell Fri 03 Feb 06
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How the Chinese Communist Regime Entraps Taiwanese Businessmen
So they were going to arrest this guy, (and take all his property) only they found out that he was going to invest more. So they decided to, "to suspend the arrest operation." Why? It was because we planned to take action after he invested his money in that province.

Why are we sill doing business with them ??

oh yea, cause they sell cheap stuff?

At what point do we decide that they theroy that "if a free nation does buisness with a closed people, the freedoms will infect the closed nation and the result will be more freedom", is flawed. (Atleast when the oponent is as controling as china is) For all the cheep stuff we get from them, at what point do we say that the suffering of a billion people is not worth discount at Wal-Mart ?? It isn't even like there aren't lots of other poor nations that are completly able to sell cheep clothes and computer chips without the Negitives of the Chinese Comunest Regime...

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