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(DVRSETUP1)-> de-interlacing styles submited by Russell Thu 23 Feb 06
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truD: The next generation of de-interlacing techniques for standard definition It covers, with sample photos, how various de-interlacing methods work. This resolves some of the questions I had about what the various options were on this.
Mencoder supports various de-interlacing filters ( on the -vf video filter option)
              Donald Graft's adaptive kernel deinterlacer.  
Actually there are even more ways to do this, as part of other filters as well, for details, consult the mplayer/mencoder man page
I have tried both dint and lavcdeint and I am happier with lavcdeint. The output seems to have less artifacts of de-interlacing. ( shifted lines on moving objects) I have not tried kerndeint, frankly all it's optons scare me and I feel like the output I get is good enough to not waist more CPU time on inproveing it. ( also I don't recal this option when I was setting up my tivo, so perhaps, it's a new option ) However, I am recording from Cable Television's sloppy analog feed. The source is quite noisy, and this causes lots of artifacts and compression errors to appear in my output. If you have a cleaner source for video, ( such as the S-Video out line from a DVD player) you might find that more care should be put into this. But frankly that's a flawed example. If you have video that clean, you shouldn't be trying to import it via a interlaced, analong video feed.

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