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(linux_command_line)-> (Parent)->bash: hdparm: command not found fedora4 submited by Russell Thu 09 Mar 06
Edited Tue 22 May 12
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If you are getting:
$ hdparm
-bash: dhparm: command not found
It is probably because hdparm is not in your default path. On my system hdparm is at /sbin/hdparm
You can either run it manualy useing that path:
or use the trick I use, which is to switch to root using the -l option. This give's you "root's" default path, not a user's path which is what you probably had when you first logged in.:
su -l
If hdparm isn't in /sbin on your system, ( or some other file is not found) you can always use the whereis command to find it.
# whereis hdparm
hdparm: /sbin/hdparm /usr/share/man/man8/hdparm.8.gz
Several commands that I use are in /usr/sbin/ instead of /usr/bin

I don't exactly know what the logic of what goes where is. Clearly some things are ment to be restricted to root only, while others are more generic and go in /usr/bin. I guess part of the logic comes from systems where /sbin and /usr are different partitions. Idealy you might be able to mount /sbin on a damaged system and use the tools in there to fix something. In practice, all the machines I use have /sbin and /usr on the same filesystem, so there is no advatage to having these be different paths. I guess other commands might take a microseccond less because it doesn't need to search past unused administrative commands. But clearly reduceing the filecount in /usr/bin has not been a priority for years.

bash: hdparm: command not found fedora4

solution (LINUX7802)

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