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(linux_command_line)-> query kernel version, CPU type (cpuinfo) speed, query ipaddress ipstatus, memory details submited by Russell Fri 28 Jan 05
Edited Wed 29 Mar 06
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 uname -a           ## displays kernel version information
 uname -p           ## displays CPU type 
                   linux  command to know about CPU speed:
                   (also)determine CPU speed Redhat command:
                   linux commands show cpu speed
 cat /proc/cpuinfo  ## displays more detailed info on the CPU( Intel/AMD,
                       model (athon,celeron,pentium etc. ) speed, 
                       cache size, etc. ) 
                      command  to know the physical memory in linux:
 cat /proc/meminfo  ## displays details about memory inluding MemTotal,
                       MemFree, SwapTotal, SwapFree etc... 
                       much of the same information is also displayed by 
                       the top command

                  (RHEL linux show ip address command)
 /sbin/ifconfig   ## displays current IP addresses and settings.

These commands should work in any verson of fedora core (FC1, FC2,FC3,FC4 ) as well as all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL 1, RHEL 2, RHEL 3, RHEL 4). Probably lots of other versions of linux as well.
Using Top More Efficiently Notes on Linux's Top command, terms are defigned on page 3
other relevant hits:
fedora, linux, commands, display, ip

command line too long, Argument list too long (Russell)

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