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(links)-> (Parent)->Domain name hosting submited by Russell Tue 18 Apr 06
Edited Thu 08 Apr 10
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I am thinking about relocating some domain names onto a single hosting provider. Here are some links that I am thinking about.
  • I just signed up for a VPS account @ webintellects and will be migrating this and other sites onto it. Watch this space for how good I think they are. so far they seem smart and responsive.
  • http://www.webhostinginspector.com/ A list of top raited web hosting companys. The list is only for domain name hosting prices only. ( site is weak on content)
  • Hosting reveiew.com. Lists lots of differnt domain hosting companys. This page covers Virtual private domains
  • meganetserve will give me a whole server for $49/yr. That's a good deal (for work I pay $200/month for rackspace ) but it is probably too much for the needs of a handfull of small websites.
  • mosso (recomended by a rackspace rep during a chat) Looks like bulletproof hosting, on a cluster, but still kinda expensive( starts @ $100/mo)
  • powweb is a other domain name hoster, but bosts about loadbalnced servers improving preformance and uptime.. it's a good deal for $7.77 a month, but not what I had in mind.. but then again, perhaps it would be a better solution.
  • jumpline offers virtual servers for $7.97 a month ( multi domain name account) that acutaly sounds like a *really* good deal. this might be the correct choice for me.(thats $15.95/mo after the first year)
  • lunarpages has a 10 domain name plan for $21.95/month

rsync over sftp (mosso/rackspace) fuse mount (Russell)
force ssl connection (mosso/rackspace) (Russell)

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