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(DVRSETUP1)-> Problems with the ATV TV WONDERVE submited by Russell Sat 29 Jan 05
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Problems with the ATV TV WONDER VE
I saw several notes online about the "ve" edition being less desirable. I have to concur. For one thing all the channels are wrong. ( 6 Mhz low/one channel stop) so xawtv and all other apps get the channel number wrong when tuning.

I can live with that, but it means you must specify a corrected Mhz value, you can't use existing frequency tables. You can't say "channel 7" you have to give a number 181.25 (that SUPPOSED to be channel 8 )

But what I can't live with is the terrible quality of the images. The images captured or viewed via live playback are fuzzy with static and much, much worse than the other two cards I have played with.
All channels view able, but All shifted down by one.
No audio direct from card (must use sound card line-in)
Terrible Terrible fuzzy images.

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