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(nuvrec)-> Audio out of sync submited by Russell Sun 30 Jan 05
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I had this problem with nvrec where files I recorded would get audio badly out of sync, perhaps by 30 seconds or more. I was baffled as to the cause because I had gotten nvrec working on my home built tivo really a full year before this problem occurred. And I and absolutely left the machine alone. I believe in the cardinal rule of process management.

Step 1) Does the damb thing work?, if yes don't @#$%^ with it.

It worked and I didn't screw with it, and then it stopped working. Very annoying.

Long story short, It was my ISPs doing. They stopped letting that computer send mail to port 25 on remote computers. ( anti-spam measure I assume) The logs had stopped coming, and I didn't think much of it. The system was working so I didn't need to see the logs. But what was happening was that the logs were undeliverable so sendmail would send an error message, but the error message was .forwarded to the same remote address, again, undeliverable.

Unknown to me, over 1500 emails had stacked up in sendmail's queue, and every few hours it would try to deliver them. Of course, none of them could be delivered, so it would generate more error messages and add them to the queue.

Sendmail runs as root, so if it did this while nvrec was running, well it stole preciously needed CPU cycles.

Deleting the contents of /var/spool/mqueue and removing the .forward files solved the problem.

Now so long as the schedule is correct, and there are no conflicts in programming I am able to tivo-style record what I want. The audio now stays in sync.

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