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Catalina 22 Sailboats and related stuff submited by russell
Edited Tue 24 Aug 10
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Possible destinations (Russell)
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Sail cover links submited by Russell Sun 22 May 05
Edited Sat 04 Jun 05
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catalina direct parts&accesories submited by Russell Wed 25 May 05
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Nautical charts submited by Russell Sat 23 Jul 05
Edited Sun 24 Jul 05
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tide charts submited by Russell Wed 27 Jul 05
Edited Thu 28 Jul 05
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Bannermans Castle Links and photos submited by Russell Fri 12 Aug 05
Edited Wed 30 Dec 09
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latitude and longitude to distance formula submited by Russell Fri 12 Aug 05
Edited Mon 10 Sep 07
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Weather reports submited by Russell Thu 18 Aug 05
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Tide tools for the Palm submited by Russell Mon 22 Aug 05
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Land sailers submited by Russell Fri 26 Aug 05
Edited Thu 24 Aug 06
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simple circuts for DIY projects , Analog to Digital input (Russell)
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raising the mast on a catalina 22 submited by Russell Mon 19 Sep 05
2 Replys:
Raising the mast while afloat, Yes it can be done. (Russell)
Raising the mast with gismos (Russell)
cat 22 mast step machine (James Y)
Did you ever get photos of this process? (GeorgeH)
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catalina 22 maintence Notes submited by Russell Mon 19 Sep 05
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How to tie knots submited by Russell Wed 07 Dec 05
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