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(misc)-> Android (droid) phone notes submited by Russell Wed 20 Jan 10
Edited Fri 21 Nov 14
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How to Root the Droid (android 2.01)
Hard reset droid (warning lots of annoying ads, hold kybd 'x' wile power on, to bring up menu

Gain read write access to /system on droid:
get root access (above)
get a prompt (try connectbot local )
mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
Disable camera click sound (permanently ) on the drod phone:
remount /system read write (see above)
cd /system/media/audio/ui
mv camera_click.ogg camera_click.ogg.disabled
you could also remove/delete the file. Either way, no camera click sound.

Disable cell radio without disabling Bluetooth
Bring up phone dialer
Dial *#*#INFO#*#* (info is 4636)
A magic menu appears:
Select "Phone information"
Scroll down
click "Turn off Radio".
This is a nifty trick to used to turn an old droid (no longer with Verizon service) into a "Droid-Touch" device with WI-FI only and still supports Bluetooth headsets. I just did this but expect to find that my battery life to be longer. The Two year old battery I have is rarely good for a full day with modest use with the cell radio on. hopefully it will last longer without that drain.

Dec 17,2011 : first problem with this method, it ALSO disables the GPS, even though the phone indicates "GPS ON".

convert video for playback on droid (Russell)
Android Applications I am using (Russell)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Notes (Russell)

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